African Mango Weight Loss

superfoodsEvery couple years or so, a new “miracle product” will enter the market replacing all of the products before it. However, these fad products often fade as the next product steps up to take its place.

Recently, the acai berry has been in the spotlight. Endorsed by doctors, celebrities and testimonials, acai berries seem to cure every ailment known to man.

However, the hype hasn’t seemed to slow down, the way other miracle products do after a year or so. And with every added study, the benefits of acai have begun to include not only better overall health, but immortality itself!

The African Mango

However, a new challenger has approached: the African mango from the genus Irvingia. With obesity being such a problem in America, all the African mango had to do to steal acai’s spotlight was to mention its weight-loss powers.

However, acai already claimed to be a weight-loss supplement along with all of its other abilities. So, can African mango steal its title, or will acai outlive its fad faze?

The Benefits of Acai

Acai is known for its (almost overabundance of) antioxidants. Antioxidants play an important role in the body fighting free radicals which can damage cells.acai

This means antioxidants are extremely important for the immune system. If cells are able to avoid oxidative stress (caused by free radicals) they will be more resistant to cancer.

Antioxidants also detoxify the body. They do this by grabbing on to substances that are harmful to our bodily and dragging them out of our bodies.

This means our body can have more energy since it’s not constantly repairing itself. This will also help us conserve nutrients so we don’t feel like we have to eat as much.

This will lower the appetite, boost our energy and in the end, help us lose weight.

The Benefits of African Mango

While the African mango does have antioxidants and can promote detox, it is nowhere near as potent as acai in this respect. However, the African mango’s primary purpose is to fight weight.

It does this in three ways. First the extract from the seeds suppresses the appetite by stimulating leptin production. Leptin is a hormone that tells you that you’re full.

The seeds are also full of fibers (though studies are being done to determine whether the fiber is soluble or insoluble). If it is soluble, it will sate the appetite longer and if it’s insoluble it will prevent the body from absorbing too much fat.

The final way the African mango fights fat is by boosting the metabolism. It does this by increasing thermogenics so the body will burn more fat at its resting state.

And the Winner Is…


African mango! While the acai berry is good for general health, it doesn’t have the weight fighting powers that the African mango does.

One unique African mango product is IrvingiAppress, combining the weight-loss abilities of both African mango and the time-proven green tea. This is no passing fad!

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    Where can I buy this pill from? Can I buy it over counter at CVS

    Cleo Walker
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      IrvingiAppress is available over the counter but is mainly distributed from supplementing vendors. You can find it online at

      June 25, 2012 at 4:18 pm

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