Akavar 20/50 Review

Distributed by Dynakor Pharmacal, not pharmaceutical, Akavar 20/50 is sold through stores like Walmart, GNC, and Costco. They call themselves a “European weight loss breakthrough” and even claim that it cannot be compared to competitors. However, by evaluating customer reviews, ingredients list, scientific research, etc, we found that it’s true, they don’t compare to other products. The question is, are they all that great?

How does Akavar 20/50 work?

They use a proprietary blend of yerba mate, caffeine, guarana, damiana, green tea, ginseng, and jujube among others. They have a combination of ingredients that slows the gastric emptying process, therefore keeping you full for longer periods of time. Likewise, it has green tea and ginseng, both of which could potentially speaking burn more fat.

Is it that great?

It is not uncommon to hear customers complaining about side effects even when they have taken other caffeine based supplements without said side effects. Realistically speaking, they have some good ingredients. But they do not bother using the clinically proven amounts, just enough to cause some negative and unnecessary side effects. So obviously it won’t work out.

Overall Conclusion

If you need further evidence, you can refer to the fact that a class action lawsuit has been filed against Dynakor Pharmacal for widespread fraud and deception, in part by claiming to provide results without diet and exercise. In addition, the same founders were sued by the FTC in 2004. But at that time they were operating under the name of Klein Becker. THis being said, any way you look at it, Akavar 20/50 does not work.



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