Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

fast and easy ways to lose weight while watching tv

Admit it: if you’re reading this article, then you’re looking for the easy way out. Losing weight takes work, and if we can get away with doing as little work as possible, then we’re all ears.

No matter how many times we tell you, a healthy diet combined with regular exercise, and quality dietary supplements is one of the most reliable and proven ways to lose weight and keep it off. In fact, you’ve probably seen so many commercials emphasizing this fact, that you could probably quote them word for word.

However, since we can’t reach through the Internet void and force you to stop surfing the Internet, turn off the TV, and get outside, we’re going to give you the next best thing: how to lose weight while watching the boob tube. You’ll still have to get up off the couch on occasion, but at least you won’t have to miss out on your favorite episode of Modern Family, the Office, The Bachelor, or Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

How to Lose Weight in Front of the TV

Fidget: Although this may annoy anyone else watching your favorite TV show or movie with you, studies have shown that those who fidget are going to burn more calories throughout the day. According to a study in 1986, some subjects burned as many as 3,600 calories a day simply because they couldn’t stop moving.

Wiggle your legs, tap your hands, and shift in your seat. You may look like you’ve got a nervous tick, but secretly you’re going to lose more weight.

Compete during a Commercial: For every 20 minutes of show time, there’s approximately 8 minutes of commercial if you’re watching public television. This means you have 8 minutes of potential exercise time that you can use to burn calories without needing to leave the living room.

Test yourself by seeing how many crunches or pushups or jumping jacks you can do in a commercial. Then, by the next commercial break, see if you can beat that record. Cardio is accumulative, so you can spread out your sessions throughout the day and still lose weight.

Lose the Remote–On Purpose: If you’re an avid channel surfer, then the remote may feel like it’s an extension of your hand. However, hide the remote and take the time to actually get up every time you want to change the channel or adjust the volume on the TV.

In fact, getting up off a chair and then sitting back down and repeating the process can be the lazy way to squeeze in a few squats, which can tone your legs and butt. If no one is around to watch you, simply get up and sit down over and over again throughout the show so you can burn those extra calories.

Add a little Variety: Although some TV shows are fairly addictive and unless you have an all-day movie marathon running on your favorite station, the common couch potato rarely watches the same show over and over. You like to add a little variety now and again, don’t you? For example, you like to watch a documentary one hour, and a reality show the next, just to keep interesting?

Exercise works in much the same way. If you do the same routine over and over, it gets boring and it doesn’t have the same effect on your body any more. Feel free to switch up your routine now and then. Opt for crunches during one commercial and pushups during the next. Sprinkle a few jumping jacks into the mix and you’ve got yourself a fat-burning routine.

Additional Pointers

irvingiappressAlthough it may take a little extra effort on your part, adding a little exercise into your everyday routine can significantly increase your chances of losing weight. With these easy-to-do tips, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your living room in order to start trimming up that beer-belly.

Additionally, if you’re looking to lose weight fast, you might want to consider adding IrvingiAppress to your regimen. IrvingiAppress is a unique and revolutionary formula that suppresses the appetite and regulates hunger hormones so you can lose weight fast and burn more calories than you consume.

By increasing your energy levels and decreasing your appetite, this powerful little pill can help you lose weight even if you’re still trying to find a routine that works for you. It’s the fast and easy way to lose weight while watching TV, and you don’t need to spend a fortune while you’re at it.

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