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Reveal ExtremeWith swimsuit season coming up, you want to look your best. Reveal Extreme is a weight loss pill designed to help you trim down and shape up.

It has three different formulas of ingredients. The first one contains weight loss promoting ingredients. The second has ingredients that relieve stress and improve mood. The last formula has some important oils that can boost your overall health and wellness.

While reviewing Reveal Extreme, we noticed a lot of similarities between it and Fenphedra, one of the top-rated weight loss pills. Fenphedra uses ingredients that work, and consequently this diet pill also works for most people who use it.

However, in order to have “effectiveness” in common with Fenphedra, Reveal Extreme needs to have a first-class formula. Let’s take a closer look to see how it compares.

What Ingredients are in Reveal Extreme?

Some of the weight loss ingredients in Reveal Extreme are Synephrine, Yohimbex, and Emblic Myrobalan Caffeine.

Synephrine was developed to help you lose weight by suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism. It has an effect similar to Ephedra, which is an ingredient that was banned. However, Synephrine is supposed to be a lot safer than Ephedra.

Yohimbex has a substance in it that block your Alpha 2 Receptors. These are what control fat burning. If your Alpha 2 Receptors don’t want your body to burn fat, it won’t. Yohimbex prevents the Alpha 2 Receptors from shutting down fat burn. The caffeine in Reveal Extreme promotes weight loss by increasing your body temperature which burns fat.

Reveal Extreme has several other ingredients like Melatonin which relieves stress; Guggul which increases metabolism; and Hoodia which is supposed to suppress appetite.

The oils in Reveal Extreme are safflower oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, and borage oil.

The Truth About Reveal Extreme

There are two things that must happen if Reveal Extreme is to be effective. First, it needs to have ingredients that are actually capable of doing what they say they’ll do. Second, it needs to have the clinically proven amount of each ingredient so it will be effective.

Reveal Extreme has a couple problems. Some of the ingredients (e.g. Hoodia) have never been proven to actually do what they claim to do. Other ingredients (e.g. Synephrine, Guggul, Caffeine) are effective at promoting weight loss, but it doesn’t appear that Reveal Extreme has the clinically proven amounts of these ingredients.

How to Use it

Reveal Extreme has you taking several different supplements throughout the day: First, take 1-2 capsules of Accelerator and 2 Tone capsules in the morning and afternoon, preferably with your meals. Additionally you’ll want to drink at least 6-8 oz. of water with each serving.

Then, take 1 capsules of the Nighttime Hybrid 30 minutes before bedtime.

Warning: Do not take more than 4 capsules of the Accelerator formula in a 24 hour time period.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

Reveal Extreme relies on several stimulating ingredients such as Synephrine, and though they are clinically proven to be safe for use, that doesn’t mean they come without negative side effects.

While I suspect that the ingredient concentrations are too low to be bothersome, I feel that consumers should always have their eyes wide open when it comes to buying a diet pill. Typical side effects associated with Synephrine include dizziness, headaches, nausea, insomnia, and even vomiting.

Buying Reveal Extreme

Fortunately the three products all come in one convenient package rather than individual formulas. Unfortunately, you can’t buy Reveal Extreme directly from the manufacturers on their online site. Instead you have to use their store locator to find the closest retailer to where you live. It’s not even available on websites such as or GNC.

Consequently, I can’t find a price for this product anywhere online – if you know how much Reveal Extreme is being sold in stores, feel free to post the information in a comment below.


Since you can’t buy Reveal Extreme from Complete Nutrition, you can’t count on a money-back guarantee (unless the store you’re buying from offers one on all its products). However, you can feel free to contact Complete nutrition via an email form provided on their website.

My Opinion of Reveal Extreme

I don’t recommend that you try Reveal Extreme. There are several better weight loss ingredients on the market that have clinically proven ingredients in clinically proven amounts. Fenphedra is one of them.

Like Reveal Extreme, Fenphedra has caffeine and Synephrine, but it also has other powerful fat burning ingredients that have been clinically tested. Fenphedra gets a lot of positive feedback from customers. Most of them like it, but there are a few that don’t get any results from it. That’s why we like the 100% money back guarantee that you can find on the official website.

In short, we think Fenphedra should work. If it doesn’t, you don’t have to pay for it. We recommend that you try Fenphedra instead of Reveal Extreme because we think you’ll probably get better results.

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    This is a great product..
    Cut back on cravings gave me great energy and put me in a good mood.. What more could you want.

    Robert Holland
    August 30, 2014 at 10:58 pm

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