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Not to be confused with Saturday Night Live, SnL is the abbreviated title for Slim n Light dietary supplements.

Endorsed by the sexy model Cathy Remperas, SnL is advertised as the ultimate appetite suppressant, fat burner, and even skin whitener. Supposedly the first Dietary supplement with Hoodia to be used in the Phillippines, SnL is said to offer the equivalent of 20 kilos of the unprocessed Hoodia Gordonii plant (about 500 mg when processed.)

With sparkling advertisements making you believe that this supplement will give you the happily ever after you’re looking for, will SnL really produce results?

Hoodia for Weight Loss

Despite the fact that Hoodia is advertised a natural appetite suppressant that will sustain African Bushman during their long journeys, most of this is just hype. There is no solid evidence to prove that Hoodia is effective and the FDA has repeatedly warned manufactureres to stop making unsubtantieated and misleading claims about hoodia for weight loss.

In a singular study published by Brain Research, researchers observed that injections of p57 (found in Hoodia) resulted in increased levels of ATP, which can affect hunger and energy levels. However, this study was on rats not humans, and it involved injecting the chemical directly into the brain rather than through oral consumption.

According to Jasjit S. Bindra, PhD, “Bindra added, “Clearly, hoodia has a long way to go before it can earn approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Until safer formulations are developed, dieters should be wary of using it”.”

Additionally, Hoodia has been known to cause some negative side effects such as altered glucose levels (watch out diabetics!) and it may even suppress thirst – increasing the risk of dehydration.

Furthermore, pure hoodia formulas are rare – and there are widespread rumors warning about counterfeit hoodia products. Mike Adams of News Target projects that nearly 80% of Hoodia products are contaminated or tainted.

Additional Ingredients

The formula contains 1000 mg proprietary blend – and if half of that blend is hoodia, how is the rest of the formula distributed?

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely certain due to the fact that the manufacturers fail to disclose precise ingredient amounts on their website. Supposedly it contains L carnitine for fat burning and GlutaNAC for skin lightening, and perhaps a dash of green tea (also for fat burning) but other ingredients are unknown.

Will it Really Whiten Your Skin?

There is something about Asian and Malaysian cultures that emphasizes the beauty of white or fair skin – which is why it’s easy to see how dieters might like the idea of being both slim and light (light as in fair rather than lack of weight).

The ingredient Glutanac, is a blend of N-Acetylcysteine, L-Glutamic acid, and L-glycine – three amino acids which supposedly counteract the damage caused by free radicals. These amino acids are essential for building protein, which is also necessary for the production of healthy connective tissue such as skin and bone.

The formula is popular used in skincare products in Japan and was originally developed in the Philippines. However, there is very little information about the ingredient and no studies to validate its effects on skin – as far as I could find.

How to Use SnL

SnL is meant to be taken 30 minutes before a meal. “if too much obese, take 3 capsules a day – one in the morning and one in the evening, if possible.”

Define “too much obese” please. Also, one in the morning and one in the evening does not add up to 3 capsules.

Product Price

SnL is sold for Php75.00 (Philippine Peso) per capsule of 1000mg – which is about the equivalent of $1.79. Pretty pricey for just one pill. it’s available in Mercury Drug and other leading drug stores nationwide. (Nationwide meaning the Phillipines.)

Contact Information

You can contact the manufacturers via an email form on the website or through the following sources:

1B Goldrich Mansion Bldg. 4658 Cuangco St. Corner South Superhighway
Brgy. Pio Del Pilar, Makati City, Philippines 1200

Phone: (+632) 728-5276 Loc. (+632) 635-6982
Mobile: +63917-800-58-36
Email Address:

Final Thoughts

If you live in the Phillipines, the SnL may seem like a great supplement – however, if you’re in the US, I’d like to think that there are better options available. The formula is sketchy at best, and Hoodia is not exactly a proven ingredient for weight loss despite what manufacturers would have you believe.

Until more information is available, I would not recommend using SnL. Instead, check out our top diet pills here.

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